FileZilla isn't reading my local files.

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Tracy Martin
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FileZilla isn't reading my local files.

#1 Post by Tracy Martin » 2008-01-25 23:36

Okay, I'm kind of having the same problem as olive lady.

I'm working from a mac and need to upload my files to godaddy. I used cyberduck before and it was suggested I use filezilla this time. I didn't really like cyber duck, so no loss there.

Anyway, I added some content and and new pages to my site, but when I used filezilla to load up my new files, for some reason the jpegs and new files we're routed to my announcement page rather than to the html root. After spending hours on the phone with a godaddy rep trying to correct the problem, he suggested I start completely over. We deleted all my files for and went back to filezilla. Only this time it's not reading my local files. I see desktop, applications, etc. but when I click on desktop, nothing shows up. I need to see them to drag them over to the remote section.

What gives? Godaddy said they can't do anything more to help me. They don't understand why I don't see my files.

Thanks for much.

Signed........frustrated filmmaker who isn't a web master

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