does this .bat file look ok - throws window errors..

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500 Command not understood
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does this .bat file look ok - throws window errors..

#1 Post by newtothis » 2008-02-06 17:45

Hi All

created a .bat file that opened fillezilla and ftps some files to a remove webserver, and all was working fine, but the host changed some settings so the .bat needed editing.

Some one has edited the .bat but now its no longer working - i havent seen this first hand yet so i am going of what i have been told.

the edited file looks like this:

cd c:\program files\filezilla
FileZilla.exe -u "c:\folder1\subfolder1\file1.txt"
ftps:// -overwrite -close

FileZilla.exe -u "c:\folder2\subfolder2\file2.txt"
ftps:// -overwrite -close

can some please take a look over the above and let me know if anything looks amiss?

thanks for your time.
New to this..

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