Speed limit scheduling, etc...

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Speed limit scheduling, etc...

#1 Post by Jconaway » 2008-02-12 17:50

I just installed the client version 3 after having used 2.x for a long time. So far it's working pretty well, but there are 2 features missing (I think) which existed in the old version.
1. Speed limit scheduling. This was something that was very handy, because if I had to download some large files from a remote office I could give it full bandwidth at night or weekends and then throttle it back during the day. Is this option gone for good?
2. Moving items up or down in a queue. In version 2.x you could right-click a queued item and move it up or down, or even to the top or bottom of the queue. Why was this option removed? It was quite handy, and the new "set priority" option doesn't seem to work at all unless you completely stop the queue transfer and restart it.

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