A couple of feature suggestions for 3.x

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A couple of feature suggestions for 3.x

#1 Post by batfastad » 2008-03-05 11:55

Hi guys

I absolutely love FileZilla. It's the best FTP client out there, and luckily it's open source.
I'm especially delighted with 3.x going cross platform. It's just great!

I also like the fact that so many open source projects realise how important user settings are and portable versions of apps. Nothing worse than having to dig through settings pages when you re-install a program. With filezilla it's been great to just import export the settings / site manager entries!

However there's a couple of things I'd like to see added / improved:

1) The horizontal resize bars that separate the folder tree pane from the file list pane.
It would be awesome to be able to link the local/remote site ones. So adjusting the height of the folder/file panes affects both the local and remote section in one go.

2) An option to hide the Quick Connect bar. I always use the drop down menu of the Site Manager button in the toolbar.

3) Statistics on the total number/size of files in the currently selected local/remote directory would be cool.
That was present in v2 I think. I searched on here and found some discussion on it, but it seemed like a large amount of work was required to recurse through the subfolders to get the total.

I'm not talking about a total for all remote files/folders and subfolders though - it would be cool to have this info just for the files in the file list pane.

What does everyone reckon?

Thanks, Ben

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