Unlimited Maximun No. of Reconnection Retries

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Unlimited Maximun No. of Reconnection Retries

#1 Post by sweeloong » 2008-03-12 06:30

Hi, I am using the Filezilla Client at my remote site to transfer a huge file (~ 300MB) to HQ Server. Anyway, due to the infrastructure available, the connection from remote site to HQ is unstable, timeout every 20 to 30 seconds. And this will require for Reconnections to reconnect the remote site to HQ. (I had set the transfer file option as resume)

I had set the max of reconnection retries to 99 (which is maximum allow at moment), but it is still unsufficient for me, because it only allow me to transfer around 10MB.

With that, is there anyway I can set my clients to have unlimited Reconnection retries?

Appreciate your prompt reply and it will help us a lot.


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