Problem with local directory view & Quick feedback

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Problem with local directory view & Quick feedback

#1 Post by madriss » 2008-03-17 20:50

In FileZilla 2, I could upload a file, minimise the window, save another file to the local directory, click on FileZilla again and it would automatically realise there is a new file there and refresh the local folder so that I could upload it.

In FileZilla 3, it never automatically refreshes the folder I'm looking at, I have to hit F5, and then find the file and upload it. When having to do this over and over that extra step of having to refresh the folder myself is really annoying, and the only reason I am still on the old FileZilla 2. Please could you fix this? Would really make FileZilla 3 much greater and I for one would use it all the time :mrgreen:

That was the main point I wanted to make, but I do have one other suggestion which I've seen posted here before somewhere...

That is to do with the directory comparison feature. This feature is awesome! But once all the files have been highlighted yellow/red, please can we have a button to automatically select either all the local files or all the remote files that have been highlighted? Then we can easily transfer all the missing files from remote to local, or local to remote. You've already done the comparison, it would just be much more useful if it allowed you the option to select those files too, ready to be transferred. If this was included in FileZilla 3 too, it would be the PERFECT FTP :lol:

Thank you for listening to my ideas!

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