redownloading folder doesn't refresh dirrectory contents

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redownloading folder doesn't refresh dirrectory contents

#1 Post by mishkin » 2008-03-30 04:48

redownloading folder doesn't refresh directory contents... why is this? Flashfxp does... and so do many other clients

basically I'm manually downloading a folder thats having files uploaded to it, I want to be able to download the same directory a second time and have it grab all the new files placed within it... but it seems I would have to go into the folder itself and manually refresh it then select all and download...

Also going into a folder for the second time doesn't request the filelist it simply remembers what it had loaded last time and again you need to manually refresh... it's just stupid, doesn't save much bw or proc and makes life difficult

My kingdom for a multi thread ftp that works with reliability of flashfxp (also tryed coreftp but they hang on pending and never dl :( )

Plz help

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