Client partially freezes upon start-up

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Client partially freezes upon start-up

#1 Post by lwill » 2008-04-05 19:40

I searched the FAQ and forums and couldn't find anything related to this problem, but if there is a similar thread please link me to it.

The problem: When I boot up Filezilla, it partially freezes. I can access certain 'parts' of the program, like the toolbar, but I can't log in to connect, and I can't navigate the local site directory at all. These parts of the screen are frozen and if I try to click or type anything in them, they don't respond.

I updated (I don't remember my original version, but I know it was at least 3.0) to the most recent version, but to no avail. I uninstalled and reinstalled at least 5 times, and that didn't work either. I also tried deleteing the %APPDATA%\FileZilla directory as suggested in the FAQ, but no luck.

My OS is WinXP Home Edition 2002, with Service Pack 2. I'm not 100% great with computers, but I have never had a problem with FZ until now and I'm at a loss. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. :(

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