A final touch on version numbers for VMS?

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A final touch on version numbers for VMS?

#1 Post by anwa » 2008-05-08 21:50

Many thanks for the VMS fixes.

The file type auto detect now works very well. It is a great improvement.

When VMS files are downloaded to Windows, the version number sticks to the file. The VMS file "garbage.txt;1" is downloaded exactly as "garbage.txt;1". In some cases this is exactly what you want, but in most cases it would be better to get the version number stripped and the downloaded file overwriting any old existing files.

A final touch could be to add a checkbox under "settings->transfer->file types" saying:
"Show only latest version for VMS".

By enabling the checkbox only the latest versions of VMS files would show up in the remote file view, without version numbers. By default the checkbox should be enabled.

Appart from this the FZ client is really very good, and to my knowledge the only ODS-5 aware FTP client.

Thanks for your efforts.

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