SFTP transfer looks OK but nothing in file after refresh

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SFTP transfer looks OK but nothing in file after refresh

#1 Post by pjcf » 2008-06-05 08:54

I am setup as SFTP on an XP and trying to upload some changed files onto my website. The real issue is that I can upload the file apparently and it takes the right sort of time and ends up with the correct size showing. But when I use my website link to download the file, as a client would have to do, the file is empty and it has downloaded in a moment when it should take a few minutes. Looking back on the website the file is then showing as no bytes.

One thing I notice now is that when I transfer the file in FileZilla it seems to go correctly and shows the correct size but the 'last modified' and 'permissions' columns are not shown. If I then refresh the view the last mod and permission show but the size is shown as zero. This is the same for html pages and .exe files. It seems that it thinks there is nothing there even though it took time to make the transfer and reported the progress all the way through.

It seems like it might be the FileZilla setup but I believe I have done that right. I used Site Manager, on General tab Set Host, selected SFTP as servertype and set default directories. I left the transfer mode as default and the charset as Autodetect.

Any help would be very much appreciate. I would like to stay with FileZilla as the interface is very nice.

TIA - Peter

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