Feature request: view/edit multiple files with same name

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Feature request: view/edit multiple files with same name

#1 Post by tginsandiego » 2008-06-05 16:55


Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for this, or if it's been discussed before. My searches didn't turn this up (which surprised me, maybe it is already supported?)

It is very common to have an "index" page within various directories of a website. It appears that FZ, when viewing/editing a file, places all files into the same temp directory, so attempting to view/edit a 2nd file with the same name will overwrite the 1st. This design doesn't allow a person to view/edit more than one file that shares a file name.

I wouldn't suggest anything like mangling/hashing the names+dirs since that would result in the editor not having the actual filename, which is usually displayed.

If the directory structure of the host were duplicated during view/edit operations, instead of using a single temp dir, then multiple files with the same name could be opened, since they wouldn't collide on-disk. If I want to edit mysite/dir1/index.html and mysite/dir2/index.html then the temp directory on my local disk would look something like temp/dir1/index.html and temp/dir2/index.html

Other than that, love the client.



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