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504 Command not implemented
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#1 Post by ScrapbookSupplies » 2008-06-24 22:17

I posted a while back on this topic, when I thought the problem I was experiencing was caused by the newest version of FileZilla, but now I know it is (with 100% certainty) my firewall.

When I try to FTP to my webhost many of my files turn to zero in size and the only thing that actually uploads is the file name (if you navigate to the file via the www it's only a blank page), but the problem corrects itself if I disable my firewall. The manufacturer gave me this link to correct the issue ( ... A608696E09) but their "fix" isn't fixing anything.

So, I was hoping that maybe someone on the forum might be able to help me configure CA to work with FileZilla, as they surely cannot. I have been trying to resolve this for months with them to no avail. :lol:

Any takers?

Thanks so much!

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