Listing of previously failed transfers....??

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Listing of previously failed transfers....??

#1 Post by damainman » 2008-06-25 22:38


I was uploading 6,000 files, and 30 of those files failed. These files were listed in the "Failed Transfers" tab, next to the queue.

However my computer crashed, and I had to restart. Upon opening reopening filezilla, all the remaining files were still listed in the queue so i can restart from where i left off which is great.

However the "Failed Transfers" tab, cleared and the 30 files are no longer in there. I really have no idea which 30 files failed, and really don't want to start the upload from scratch.

Because of my connection, for the past 2 days I've only uploaded 2,000 of the 6,000 files needed for upload. If i start from scratch again, it would mean i would have to wait another 6 days before my files are uploaded.

Is there anything i can do to find out which files were the 30 that failed... or a workaround that will allow me to get those 30 files uploaded some how?

Thank you in advance.

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