"Resume if smaller, warn if larger, skip if same size"

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What is most important? Reliability? Encryption Options?

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Reliable data transfer, auto-resume even if Server rebooted, File Verification(XCRC, XMD5).
Many encryption and security options.
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Remote administration of FTP Server.
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Editing files within FTP Client, auto upload of new version.
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Website-oriented features.
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Strict adherence to FTP standards, DON'T use useful extentions that other Servers use.
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500 Command not understood
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"Resume if smaller, warn if larger, skip if same size"

#1 Post by cb77 » 2008-11-06 07:43

When catching up, restaring a big tree of files. the most obvious action
for "default file exists action" in the settings dialog would be,
"Resume if smaller, warn if larger, skip if same size". That option
doesn't exist, and it really should.
When set to "Resume", it Resumes ALL files that already exist, even though 99%
of them are complete and the same size. Filezilla client says REST (restart)
and then RETR (retrieve) looking for the 350,000,000th byte of a file of
350,000,000 bytes long. The FTP server sends back "0 bytes" (the rest of the
file). Success. Next file. Oh, it exists too... same. You could die of old age
before it gets back to work on transfering a 4GB tree of 50,000 small files.
So you are forced to choose "Skip" and then manually figure out which 100 files
came up short due to all those internet interuptions.

The above, now, using latest Filezilla Client and latest Serv-U Server.

Also I wish XCRC was supported. Not yet in the FTP standard, but 3 servers and
5 clients support it, and it is wonderful for getting 50,000 files properly
transfered. Remote backups....

I used to use Serv-U and FTPVoyager (both Rhinosoft). With certain versions
you could almost reboot the server or client or both and have them pick up
where they left off, with 100 Internet interruptions too. To me, that's the
ideal. Later versions of FTPVoyager got worse about this. More features were
added, while basic reliability was sacrificed.

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