Synchronized browsing

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Synchronized browsing

#1 Post by happychicken » 2009-08-01 08:35


I am new here so please excuse my faults.

I use the newest version of Filezilla ( and there are some nice new features I found.
One is synchronized browsing. But this feature is not integrated as good as it could.

What do I mean? I choose this feature and connect to my ftp folders. The local folders are absolutely the same like the server folders but one is different. I need this folder for some tests. Now when I enter this folder a popup is displayed: "Folder does not exist or cannot be accessed. Disable synchonized browsing and continue changing the remote directory?"

First proposal: please stop displaying thid popup. I mean I know that there is no eqal folder on local so its ok that filezilla does not sync.

Second proposal: When I return to server root I want to keep on using sync but now its disabled. Why? Just because of one "wrong" folder? Thats not nice. Please stop disabling the sync funtion when entering a "not synchronizeable" folder. Just keep on sync when return to last folder.

Hope there are more people interessted in this.


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Re: Synchronized browsing

#2 Post by foomonger » 2014-11-04 11:42


Also, when you reconnect to a server. Both local and remote look fine, then you navigate somewhere else but the remote doesn't move! Synchronized browsing has been disabled all by itself.

What a pain!


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