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An idea for default client settings

Posted: 2012-03-06 20:29
by fusk
I do not understand why the default setting for maximum simultaneous transfers is 2 and not 1.
The reason being that it splits the downloaders connection into two. The problem is that the majority of computer users are very bad at computers.
So if i got a guy who needs 3 psd files, they are around 3/3,5 gb each, his client will start downloading two files at the same time, in his location he might only have 10 mbit, and he needs to download at least the double amount of data of the smallest file before he has something to open and work with.
So instead of downloading one file at 1,1 mb/s his is downloading two files at 500 kb/s each, which is also 100 kb/s less than his maximum download speed.

Or the guy from video editing who is downloading an interview from two cameras which are about 8 gb each, so he needs to download 16gb before he has a file he can import and work with.

If i limit the account to one connection per ip, i'll get hammered with their clients trying to do secondary connections, so i need to guide them into edit/settings/transfers and change maximum simultaneous transfers from 2 to 1.
That is pretty annoying in my opinion, as the client wants to connect twice so they can still browse while transferring.

I know you can export settings, but it just adds another layer of stuff i need to guide people through, it would be a lot easier the other way around, as that won't happen very often.

Maybe it's just me, but thought i'd give it a go and see.

Besides that, filezilla client and server works perfectly for me.

Re: An idea for default client settings

Posted: 2012-10-08 08:29
by Thaicompanypro
I hope this link will help you lot detail for the filezilla configuration, here is sunny day here in Krabi and i am sitting in bar

Re: An idea for default client settings

Posted: 2012-10-08 17:48
by botg
That documentation is for an extremely old version.