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Re: Feature Request: PGP

#16 Post by Macktek » 2016-03-26 16:26

I agree with Redleg.
Its a little smarter to use a separate application to encrypt the data prior to the FTP client-server getting access to it.

I also doubt that your particular "site" requires "double" encryption ONLY for transmission And at the same time allows unencrypted files on the server.
It makes zero sense.

You probably need to re-read the requirement set forth by the particular site as each site follows HIPAA on a per site basis and the method used is flexible provided you meet the standard.

Additionally, I would advise caution placing e-PHI / MedRecords on an FTP server.
I can think of some rare short term cases, but I am curious what is the use case for doing this where you would need to have this running regularly?

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Re: Feature Request: PGP

#17 Post by boco » 2016-03-27 02:49

Zombie thread, please check post dates before replying. Thanks.

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