fillezilla - encryption of xml files

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fillezilla - encryption of xml files

#1 Post by ddrmoz » 2014-06-13 22:10

Hello everyone! I love filezilla it's simple and effective, under linux it works great where sftp protocol is not allowed (this is by far my favorite way)

by the way when I look at ~/.filezilla/recentservers.xml there is a list of quickconnect ftp hosts I use. What I would like to see is encrypted passwords in this xml file:

proposed solution: (for users who want this kind of security we set up an option and if selected we do the following)

remember users masterpasswd whille in runtime and encrypt quickconnect list (site manager list also),
program doesn't store this masterpasswd,
upon program start we ask user for this passwd,
program keeps password for one session (until program exits)
on ftp connection program checks
if(md5(<masterpasswd> . <hostpasswd>) == hostpasswd from xml file
if user forgets this password we just clear the list (make clear to user that there is no going back)

I understand it is too impractical for most users, and probably not worth implementing, what do you think?
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