ENHANCEMENT REQUEST : skipped file listing

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ENHANCEMENT REQUEST : skipped file listing

#1 Post by geogZILLA » 2015-07-08 14:12

Been downloading and set the TARGET FILE ALREADY EXISTS to Overwrite if different size or source newer.

The top status pane, or course, lists the transfers along with the skipped files, and etc..

In the tabs at the base of the whole box we have Queued files, Failed transfers and Successfull transfers tabs.

It would be a useful enhancement to add a tab so that it includes a Skipped Files count and list at the bottom. I just found that several times after testing the uploads ( say for web update ) I needed to check and see what was actually skipped but couldn't. Difficult to come up with a scenario, but, now and then, you need to know whether you should have picked a more explicit overwrite.

Might not seem like a "great" suggestion but hey, who knows what uses it could have?

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