embed an filezilla upload tool in a WordPress site

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embed an filezilla upload tool in a WordPress site

#1 Post by jparris1975 » 2015-07-16 20:44

My clients send secure documents to my ftp server (not my web server) using Filezilla. I would like to embed a web client in my site that would allow them to select a file, click upload, and have it sent directly to my ftp server. Can this be done? I see lots of info about using ftp to connect to my web server, but i'm having trouble finding a tool that I could embed on my site that would connect to a different server.


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Re: embed an filezilla upload tool in a WordPress site

#2 Post by boco » 2015-07-17 05:38

First: FTP clients cannot connect to web (HTTP-) servers, exactly like you cannot use HTTP to connect to an FTP server. Webservers and FTP servers usually run at the same time and point to the same resources, that might make it confusing for some.

For what you want to achieve, you'd need to write a simple FTP implementation in a web language like PHP, CGI, Perl, Ruby, Javascript. Java and Flash are possible, too, but I'd avoid them as their security track record isn't the best.
Note that there might be pre-made plugins for Wordpress on their side. And you will find much more help there.

Edit: Almost forgot - there are FTP servers out there that are in reality multi-protocol file servers (like zFTPServer or Serv-U). Those allow you to access the files using an HTTP(S) webpage that might possibly be able to be embedded into the site.
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