an option?

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an option?

#1 Post by unamatrix » 2004-02-29 19:37

Is it an option to give a user of the server
a "fake" homedir, in wich he only can choose
to access one of the directories you give
him access to?

Just like in cerberus ftp server?

(this has something to do with "virtual directories" or something)

greetings from the netherlands.

love the bandwith controle options of the server

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#2 Post by botg » 2004-02-29 23:39

Yes you can. Enable "show relativ paths" and "Resolve windows shortcuts" that user and he will see his home dir. To allow access to folders outside the homedir, you have to create shortcuts to the new folders in the explorer and put them into the users homedir and give the user permissions for that folder as well.

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