Little idea-addon for FileZilla

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Little idea-addon for FileZilla

#1 Post by Black_Yuzia » 2017-05-10 14:20

Special thanks to the developers of this wonderful program.

I sat like that and did my things.
And noticed that it's very inconvenient to climb on servers, for the same files (for example for config (.Cfg))
I remembered that there is such a wonderful forum where you can offer to apply for development (I think that the idea is good and will help those who climb to the same files several times a day)
For this, see this creation of GOD :lol:
"The bottom line is to leave" bookmarks "on files, for example:

You have a file along the path:
In this case, you have 20 sites where these configs, and that on each of the sites do not go that way, you put a "bookmark" and it is saved in the menu.

Thus, if you need a file (s), you go to the "bookmarks" menu, select the files you need (for example, there will be 100 files in your Database), and can use CTRL\SHIFT + LBM or etc.
Then click "open" (I think there will be other functions besides this) and the program itself finds these files and opens them. After that you can immediately start to work.

I think this is necessary for those who really need to ..

This will simplify the work with many servers, increase the speed of work.

I apologize if anything goes wrong.
I just want to help in the development of the program and also to increase its usefulness and convenience.
Thank you for attention.

You can add the ability to open multiple servers (instead of PC <---> Server, you can make Server <---> PC <---> Server, or even more.) But that's another story ...

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Re: Little idea-addon for FileZilla

#2 Post by Bastian55 » 2017-06-01 19:19

I would like that, too. This is a really great idea and would save me a lot of steps.
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