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Posted: 2017-11-19 11:57
by favouredvin
Dear Tim,

I have tested the Filezilla server software for windows and it worked perfectly fine for my CCTV video footage backup, but i will like to make a request for a better software, preferably a customize software that is not common to everybody or users.

Sir, like i said above i will like a special type of software that works exactly like Filezilla server software which can be specially designed for me that will not be displaying Filezilla.

However, i will like to know the difference between the common Filezilla server software and the Filezilla Pro, i will also like to get full information about the Filezilla Pro, the cost, mode of payment, and if it does expire.

Finally, since i intend using your software (Filezilla server or Filezilla Pro) for my project, i will like to get a full detailed or step by step technical/instructional manual for backing up CCTV video footage.


Vincent 'Votu.