FileZilla Client feature request: Sound Notifications

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FileZilla Client feature request: Sound Notifications

#1 Post by fzbill » 2020-08-17 17:32

It would be REALLY NICE to be able to enable/disable Sound Notifications for transfers.

Default sounds, at least, and perhaps selectable sound files for customization.

AND volume control!

For each file transfer, and "All Transfers Done".

Maybe different sounds for upload and download.

Some simple, non-irritating 'dinks', and 'bongs', etc.
The ability to specify my own sounds would be extra nice.

When I have initiated transfers, I usually go and do other work, and it would be nice
to be audibly notified when they have finished so I don't have to go back and keep checking.

My situation is currently worse in that sense, because I have satellite Internet, so
it has the dreaded lag time and things don't go as fast as with Cable or others.

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Re: FileZilla Client feature request: Sound Notifications

#2 Post by botg » 2020-08-17 21:20

Per-program volume control comes from the operating system.

Have a look a the queue completion action in the queue's context menu to play a sound when the queue has finished processing.

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