[Feature request] overwrite improvement of existing files

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[Feature request] overwrite improvement of existing files

#1 Post by furam » 2008-02-01 15:00

It would be very useful, if Filezilla first load up the file as a temporary file, and let the original existing file like it is.
If then the upload is complete and correct(!), then delete the original file, and rename the new temp file.
For security, a option cold by useful, to download the file after the upload, to proof if the upload was correct. (slow but save, in this way you downt need not official standards like XCRC, CRC32)

The time of a unusable incomplete file which are in use is then so short as possible.

Maybe useful too, if optionally upload all files first, and then rename all uploaded files if the transfer of all files is complete.
A "Halt, rename now OK?" before renaming cold by useful too, in this way, a admin has the possibility to put a "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" for this short time of renaming all new files.
In this way it is possible to update a running structure like a PHP Forum Wiki or other CMS software or data in use so save and quick as possible.

Tanks to the developers for your work on FileZilla!

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