FileZilla 2.2.5 released, FZ3 development started

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FileZilla 2.2.5 released, FZ3 development started

#1 Post by botg » 2004-03-22 00:08

With version 2.2.5, an era ends. This will be the last version based on the old source tree.
Over the last three years, FileZilla has been constantly improved. However, in the past few months development has slowed significantly, mainly due to the fact that it's become quite difficult to add new features to FileZilla. The complexity of FileZilla has grown far far beyond anything then anyone could imagine when the project first started, this also reflects in the source code.
That's why I've decided to leave the current source tree behind and start FZ3 from scratch. The new version will contain most if not all features of FileZilla 2.2.5 once done and will be cross-platform. Development has already started, you can read more about the progress here in the forums.

It's hard to say goodbye after all this time. Thanks to all who have contributed to FileZilla in any way.
Stay tuned for more news about FileZilla 3.

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