Frames Default.htm vs Index.htm

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Frames Default.htm vs Index.htm

#1 Post by yeswedeliver » 2009-03-13 20:30

Thanks for your time in working the forum; I am grateful for help and assistances! I am trying to learn how to use Frames. When I am done building - wizard yields a TOCFram.htm Default.htm index.htm
However, browser query to yields only a partial frame. If I point browser to - the site works perfectly. I tried changing name of default to index but that did not work. How can I get a browser query to bring up the Default.htm when pointed to the site proper I am really lost. I even thought of resorting to put some kind of automatic re-direct on index to forward to Default - but that raises security issues for some browsers and I [frankly] don't know how to accomplish a re-direct any way. Can anyone help?
Thank you very much

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