Broken links in uploaded site

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Broken links in uploaded site

#1 Post by momama » 2009-03-16 20:37

I'm also new to this, so there may be a simple way to solve my problem that I just don't know about.

I've just finished uploading my site to a free server (this is a practice round for my company before we put it on our domain name). I designed it using iWeb and exported it, then uploaded it using Filezilla. The site looks great. However, many of my links are broken. I've gone back through the files to see if any are missing, but there doesn't seem to be anything missing and the links definitely work on my design in iWeb. Additionally confusing is the fact that it seems to be completely arbitrary which links do not work. What went wrong? Is there an easy way to fix it? And is there a way to check for these problems before uploading a site?

You can see my site at

Thank you!!!

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