Is there a Wishlist?

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I would like FileZilla to offer an Auto Backup feature

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Is there a Wishlist?

#1 Post by upstateweb » 2013-03-15 23:53

I have spent the last 3 hours researching FTP products and found that most reviews and users of FileZilla feel it is the best FTP product available (for free). As I have used FileZilla now for several years with great results, I would have to agree.

At the same time I have always hoped that one day FileZilla would include what I think is a much needed feature. From all my research today reading through many forums, including this one, I have found others share my desire for the same feature. Please, please, please add an auto backup option.

If it is a security issue, as I have read it could be, include a checkbox to turn auto backup on or off and include a warning if activated. You could even include a link back to your website with steps the user can take to secure the backup from being hijacked. At the same time, I believe most of your users are home or small business users and the concern is a non-issue.

I hope someone higher up the food chain of this forum will pass this along and maybe others will chime in to help create some momentum for the feature if others feel the same way I do.

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Re: Is there a Wishlist?

#2 Post by audiopro » 2013-03-23 13:32

I am a recent convert to Filezilla but have many years of experience using other FTP programs. Filezilla is pretty good but has it's drawbacks too. The annoying prompts asking me if I really want to edit a file - of course I do, I double clicked the file for that very purpose.
It isn't all bad, it has it's good features too, like the highly visual green progress bar and then the empty bottom panel once the file has been uploaded - excellent.

A wish list would be a good idea as I could think of a few features aimed at developers who edit and then upload the same half dozen files repeatedly.

As for Auto back up, what do you want to back up and to where?
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Re: Is there a Wishlist?

#3 Post by searchukstores » 2013-06-19 10:49

+1 for a wish list.
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