Activating theme

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Activating theme

#1 Post by Damien » 2013-08-08 06:10

Hi, hope someone here can help

I'm trying to set up my site and purchased a theme - striking and gone through the process of uploading the content into Filezilla. This is the first site I've ever created and as such I'm just going step by step through the set up guide that came with the theme. I've stumbled on step 1.1.4 of installation "Activate Striking as Default Theme". It says activate the theme as you would any other theme. I'm not sure how to activate as I haven't done this before...?

Then in the next step it mentions the striking panels being added below the wordpress settings panels. Does this mean in the Control panel through my IP hosting site?

Do I need to have wordpress installed on my computer to be able to install the Striking theme?

Sorry if these questions are elementary, I have a bit of experience in managing site content so once it's up and running I'm confident but I've never set one up from scratch.



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Re: Activating theme

#2 Post by boco » 2013-08-08 22:14

If the theme you purchased is for Wordpress, then Wordpress has to be set up on the webspace you rented, first. This, in turn, requires the hosting server to support PHP and a database (mostly MySQL). There is extended documentary coming with the Wordpress package. The theme itself is activated through Wordpress administration, after uploading.
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