Remote Backup for Family and Friends

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Remote Backup for Family and Friends

#1 Post by scmustang23 » 2015-04-20 02:49


I am looking to create a remote backup solution for myself and my family. The costs of Carbonite and others are insane! :cry: (and I am the kind of guy who changes my own oil...and cylinder head al) :wink: . The goal is to: use AceBackup to facilitate automatic backups to my server from my machine as well as my family's machines each night or on some other schedule. These saved files and folders will be password protected or otherwise secured so that my family cant access my files or vice versa (save for obvious admin privileges in case things go wrong, to recover, etc...).

So, first things first.

1. I have access to any version of MS Server I want through DreamSpark. Any recommendations? I am not too confident in Linux/Unix platforms, but Ubuntu server doesn't seem like a bad idea either? Thoughts? I'm thinking MS Server 2012 Datacenter is overkill, but that may not be a bad thing. 8)

2. I am considering the following layout--installing MS Server 2012 on a server, running the Filezilla server software on it, and partnering that with Filezilla client programs on the client machines. Then, using AceBackup, tunneling those files across the internet to the file server and back. These must be read/write capable files, so that they can download files and upload files, both automatically, and manually (backup).

3. And then, there's the option of a VPN???

As you can see, I need some insight. Also...

4. Will I need a dedicated IP from my ISP to do this?

Thank you in advance! :D :D

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Re: Remote Backup for Family and Friends

#2 Post by minstudenterkorsel » 2015-05-28 09:45

Have you seen storagecraft / acronis / symantec. They also make remote server backup.

You could also do it manually with owncloud on a VPS.

4: You do not need dedicated IP if you do manually.
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