Can't Log in to my Filezilla FTP for Shutterstock

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500 Command not understood
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Can't Log in to my Filezilla FTP for Shutterstock

#1 Post by MichaelBlakeley » 2015-05-26 22:28

I can't seem to get FileZilla to connect to the server and I know I'm using the right e-mail and password. When I attempt o log on I get the following:

Status: Resolving address of
Status: Connecting to
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Status: Insecure server, it does not support FTP over TLS.
Command: USER
Response: 331 Password required for
Command: PASS **********
Response: 530 Login incorrect.
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

I was able to log on yesterday... and suggestions?

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Re: Can't Log in to my Filezilla FTP for Shutterstock

#2 Post by boco » 2015-05-28 01:14

The server denies your login data. If you're absolutely sure that data is correct, you need to contact the server support.
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