Banned Email Providers - Thanks for (not) Telling Us

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Banned Email Providers - Thanks for (not) Telling Us

#1 Post by code9876 » 2015-07-02 22:56

Your choice to block email providers based on tendency for high spam? Unusual, but agreeable enough.

Your deliberate choice to not visibly display, inform or even hint at which providers are or are not accepted in any reasonable or unreasonable way for new registrants (not even a single publicly visible forum topic)? Absolutely pathetic.

Contrary to what people say on here, google, yahoo and hotmail are in fact not the only email providers banned. I myself created 7 accounts before finding one not on the blacklist, the same blacklist that is not anywhere whatsoever visible for new registrants to see.

Making rules is one thing, making rules and deliberately concealing them, preventing any reasonable way for people to even be capable of following them other than guessing is simply absurd.

But I suppose considering how difficult the insurmountably herculean task of making a sticky post is, I really do understand.

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Re: Banned Email Providers - Thanks for (not) Telling Us

#2 Post by boco » 2015-07-06 12:52

If we told you/the public, we'd tell the meanies, too.
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