Incomplete Publishing of Photos

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Incomplete Publishing of Photos

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Created a family website with iWeb. Included text and many (100s) photos. Old photos were scanned, cropped and saved in JPEG. All photos were added onto the photo page in iWeb.
The completed site was published to a desktop folder. All photos present and looking good within the folder.
Using FileZilla, Local Site is the desktop folder. Published to the remote site. On the finished product, two, and only two, and the same two photos are always missing, leaving a blank space on the photo pages. I rechecked the two photos, reworked each and moved to a different location on the pages. Re-published, but photos were still missing.
I then printed the photos, rescanned in JPEG and re-inserted onto the photo pages. Re-published with the same results.
Any ideas? Thank you.

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Re: Incomplete Publishing of Photos

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