Preserving MetaData when transferring files on Mac

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Preserving MetaData when transferring files on Mac

#1 Post by madisonnewman » 2015-09-14 23:17

Hey guys! I work for a private investigator and we are trying to set up FileZilla for Mac as opposed to our old windows operating system. The investigators send in their videos and I use FileZilla to move the files to my computer. The problem is that when I do this on the Mac operating system, it doesn't tell me the date and time the video was shot, like it does on Windows. I tried clicking the "preserve timestamps of transferred files" but it is only showing me the data the file was originally uploaded - not when the video was shot. I'm not sure if I am missing a step or what, but someone please help me i'm about to rip my hair out!!!!

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Re: Preserving MetaData when transferring files on Mac

#2 Post by boco » 2015-09-16 20:24

How is the metadata stored? If we speak of EXIF data, it is stored within the file, and you should be able to find a software that can display EXIF data on the Mac.

Note that external metadata, alternate streams and resource forks are NOT transferred over FTP/SFTP. In that case they would have to use a file packer that includes such type of data.
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