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How exactly can FileZilla Server help me?

Posted: 2019-03-30 14:42
by JulieAnne8188
Hello, I've been using the Filezilla client for years, and now...

I've been looking for more information about what exactly the Filezilla server can do for me. There surprisingly is not a lot of useful document on examples of what it can do and its features. Therefore, I want to ask some questions and explain my scenario.

Questions (see explanation below questions)

Does this allow me to create a network via wi-fi at home and share files from one computer to another?

This could be useful, especially since my OneDrive on one of my PCs is on an external drive (a small HD on that one). It maybe could shorten the wait time after which my files appear in my OneDrive folder for backup. It also can help me transfer files on my network without having to unplug my external drive and re-plug it into another PC for transferring files. (My computers are currently not on a network because I never had any of the hardware -- usually just transferred via Wi-Fi after setting up permissions.)


Does the Filezilla serve by chance have anything to do with VPS?

I'm assuming not from what I read but still not sure. I'm trying to figure out if it could help me replace VPS or at least help me conserve valuable, expensive VPS disk space/RAM and bandwidth.


What other benefits are there of using Filezilla, and do any of them all have to do with website content management?

For instance, I've set up WP multisites before using WP, and it requires a wildcard domain...which is usually only available in my host via VPS...and VPS is expensive, so, I didn't know if the FileZilla server could help me save money on site management because I would rather not have to pay so much for site file storage (for a secure membership site that runs better using VPS).

Re: How exactly can FileZilla Server help me?

Posted: 2019-03-31 05:21
by boco
FileZilla Server is an FTP server. Nothing else.

1. Please note that absence of a wire does not mean that you don't have a network. WiFi is still one, just over radio, not over wires. Installing FileZilla Server on one of your Windows PCs allows you to share any of its files and directories with the rest of your machines, or, proper setup assumed, even with the rest of the world!
FTP Server, as its name implies, serves over the FTP protocol. FTP is very old and lacks many features of the modern "cloud" protocols. Keep that in mind if you give it a spin.

2. FileZilla Server can be installed on a Windows VPS. While a VPS is a virtual machine with a complete OS running on it, FZ Server is only an ordinary Windows service that can run on the OS. Different concepts altogether.

3. No. The FTP protocol is specialized in file sharing (doesn't matter what files, can be website files). Websites themselves run on the HTTP protocol.

Unless you
- want to leave your home server machine running 24/7, and
- install all necessary servers on it (web server software like Apache), and
- get a static IP from your ISP (expensive),

renting a remote server is still the best option.

What's the difference between FileZilla Server and FileZilla FtP client? (was Re: How exactly can FileZilla Server help

Posted: 2019-04-07 14:18
by JulieAnne8188

The short question: In what ways is the FileZilla Server different than the standard FileZilla FTP client? I feel like both could do just about the same thing, couldn't they? Further explanation:

I was thinking of replying to this sooner but procrastinated. Anyway, it would be nice if Filezilla server works sort of like GotoMyPC. It would be nice to view files like web pages without having to upload and download them every time. Is this something that FileZilla server does? I've read tons of docs on it and just trying to wrap my head around this. I think it could possibly help me, whereas I use two different computers at once sometimes and say if a keyboard goes out and I can't buy one for a week then I could maybe access files without any upload and download. That would be one thing I would like to do, and wondered if that is what this does.

I mean, I have logged into work servers where people would access a network domain and log in. If it's anything like that, it could help me. I do understand some of this but just not sure how it is different from a web server.

I did, by the way, find a better deal on VPS hosting. It's a lot more work setting up my own CP and all of that, but it is worth it. I'm hoping to figure out how to connect my VPS to FileZilla server if it would help me.

Re: How exactly can FileZilla Server help me?

Posted: 2019-04-07 20:03
by botg
FileZilla Client is a client, FileZilla Server is a server. Clients initiate transfers, which are then served by servers.

Re: How exactly can FileZilla Server help me?

Posted: 2019-11-25 21:16
by erioutic
botg wrote:
2019-04-07 20:03
FileZilla Client is a client, FileZilla Server is a server. Clients initiate transfers, which are then served by servers.
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