List of general forums on this forum server

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List of general forums on this forum server

#1 Post by eurbah » 2008-02-20 12:45

On this forum server, I see that most topics created inside the "General Discussion" forum are in fact concerning "Client Support", and should have been created there.

The cause is probably that the "General Discussion" forum is the first one listed in the "General" list.

The result is that when I am searching for topics, I have to search both in "General Discussion" and "Client Support", and that makes me lose time.

In order to improve this situation, I propose following suggestions :
- Move the "General Discussion" forum at the BOTTOM of the "General" list,
- Move all relevant topics from the "General Discussion" forum to the "Client Support" forum,
- Rename the "General Discussion" forum to something like "FTP Protocols and Interoperability".

Besides, the "Client Support" forum has a very large number of topics, and searching for keywords often returns several pages of posts, which take a lot of time to browse.

So I suggest to split the "Client Support" forum into several dedicated forums. I am not completely certain that it will prove effective, because topics created in the wrong forum are difficult to find. But forum administrators could manually move these topics into the right forum. Anyway, below is my list of proposals for "Client Support" :
- Client Compilation and Installation
- Client Settings and Customization
- Client Security
- Client Graphical Interface and Explorer Integration
- Client Support for File Transfer
- Client Support for Preservation of Timestamps
- Client Support for Directory Comparison and Synchronization
- Client Support for Transparent Remote File Editing
- Client Miscellaneous

Best regards.

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