XHTML file not working when loaded to filezilla

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XHTML file not working when loaded to filezilla

#1 Post by lisalee44 » 2008-10-16 09:47

I'm hoping to find some help. I'm a beginner just learning HTML and I found a really awesome template to use for my affiliate marketing projects. So, what little knowledge I have, I uploaded it to NVU, did my modifications and then saved it.

Immediately when I saved the file, I noticed it was an XHTML file instead of an HTML file, which I had been used to. I went ahead and continued to upload it to filezilla.

Then, when I went to type in the new URL on the internet (using window explorer), it doesn't recognize the file. I think the browser is reading it as a text file.

I don't understand what's wrong. Can anyone help with why my saved XHTML template isn't serving up right to the web?



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