Server stop error

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500 Command not understood
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Server stop error

#1 Post by mmmmario » 2009-03-12 19:32

Hi, when I try to stop the FTP server I get an error message. It happens if I try to stop it using "FileZilla server.exe" - do you want to stop server - yes, and when stopping it by windows start menu, sometimes when stopping by mmc.exe - services.

The message is localized to my windows language and it is sayng: application error, an exception occured, type software exception on 0x0012dde8, ok to stop program, storno to debug.

I'm using WinXP SP3, filezilla server 0.9.31 beta (service) on localhost, server interface application is running. I have previsously used filezilla server 0.9.29 beta (service) from xampp package v. 1.7.0, I have not uninstalled xamp and not unistalled older version of filezilla. Newer version of filezilla is installed to different folder than older and never try to run both at same time.

FileZilla Server.exe - Chyba aplikace
Nastala výjimka unknown software exception (0x80000001) v aplikaci na místě 0x0012dde8.
Klepnutím na tlačítko OK ukončete program.
Chcete-li program ladit, klepněte na tlačítko Storno.
OK Storno

Edit: error message is even if turning pc down by Start - Shutdown.

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