Guidelines for tuning buffer sizes

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Guidelines for tuning buffer sizes

#1 Post by ShineOn » 2009-05-15 19:59

It would be very helpful for tuning performance of the server if there were some documentation or guidelines for setting the transfer and socket buffers.

I am running FZ Server internally as part of a document management system, and would like to enhance speed as much as possible. Internet access is not a concern. The server is connected with a LAG-ed trunk of 2 Gig ethernet to a high-speed backbone switch which provides gigabit to the desktop.

Is there any sort of formula to use to determine optimal buffer sizes? Server memory is not an issue, nor is processor speed (dual quad-core Xeon, 16GB RAM.)

I have already increased the number of threads, but want to know "best practices" for tweaking the buffers. For example, should I look at average file size and make the transfer buffer a mulitple or fraction of that? The windows server default receive window is 64K, so I suppose the socket buffers should stay at 64k, but what effect would changing the transfer buffer to higher than 32K have? Could it slow things down, or speed things up, and what factors are involved with that?

I don't want to experiment, but it seems that if the server is fast enough and the disk subsystem is fast enough then making the transfer buffer as big as the socket buffers might help some, and making transfer a multiple of socket might help more, if there's CPU and memory to spare... or am I overthinking it, or thinking in the wrong direction?

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