Any management mods/addons for Better User/Group Management?

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Any management mods/addons for Better User/Group Management?

#1 Post by Twosteps » 2010-10-14 16:01

Good Morning,

Until recently I've kept a Filezilla Client running on a multi-role server. One of the other programs was rather volatile and I've had to rebuild the server twice.

In Filezilla I have about 15 groups, and 30 users currently. So with each rebuild I've had to recreate those users and groups through the filezilla menu manually. It's not difficult, but time consuming.

I can't help but think there's a smarter way to be managing the users/groups that I'm just not aware of?

Is there another way I can manage the users/groups, or possibly back them up if I decide to move Filezilla to a different server, so reinstalling will be faster?

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Re: Any management mods/addons for Better User/Group Managem

#2 Post by botg » 2010-10-14 16:51

You could directly modify FileZilla Server.xml and afterwards execute "FileZilla Server.exe" /reload-config

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