Guidelines: Please read before posting!

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Guidelines: Please read before posting!

#1 Post by eddan » 2006-02-05 02:49

Before posting in our forums, please read the following guidelines:

Read the FAQ and The Wiki
We've already answered a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). There is a FAQ for the FileZilla client and a FAQ for the FileZilla server, read them first. Make sure to also visit the wiki page.

Search Before Posting
There is a good chance you're not the first person to experience the issue you are having. By searching the forums, you may be able to find posts about the problem you are experiencing. Also try searching the forums and the support, patches, bugs and feature request trackers on the project page, and make sure you're not creating a new topic on someting that has already been discussed before (known as posting a duplicate or 'dupe').

Post in the Approriate Place
There are different places to post different things, and we ask you to only post your issue in one place.

First of all, feature requests should go in the Feature Request Tracker on Similarly bug reports should go to the Bugs Tracker and patches to the Patches Tracker. Are you looking for support, you can either post in the Client Support Forum for FileZilla client specific questions, the Server Support Forum for issues with FileZilla Server or in the Support Request Tracker on the project page.

Use Descriptive Titles
Naming your post 'Upgrading to FZ 2.2.8 broke compability with VMS servers' (for example) is a lot more useful for everybody than e.g. 'PLEASE HELP ME'.

Be as Specific as Possible
Be as detailed and as clear as you can when describing your problem. Post _complete_ logs from the program with enabled debug options (see settings dialog) that you think is relevant, state the version of FileZilla and which OS you are running together with information about any firewalls and routers you might have if this is relevant. For further reading check out How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.

Follow-up With Your Solutions
If you find a solution to your problem, please post the solution so others can benefit from it.

One Post - One Subject
If your original topic gets answered, don't use the same post to ask a new question. It may not get answered, since your post title won't match what you are currently needing help with.

Be Patient and Have Good Manners
Remember that support provided on this forum is made by volunteers; no one is paid to answer you. So, please, do not demand an answer, ask for one. Using good manners and words like "please" and "thank you" go further than you might think. Also, please don't bump your posts. If you do, volunteers looking for questions to answer might overlook your topic as it already has a reply to it (the unanswered posts search then won't list your post).