Using FileZilla with a mainframe under z/OS

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Re: Using FileZilla with a mainframe under z/OS

#16 Post by davidnicol » 2008-04-26 10:04

The traditional Unix command line FTP client accepts configuration in a file ${HOME}/.netrc which includes per-site sections. The sections include authentication information and macro definitions. The macro name "init" is reserved, and when defined, that macro runs on establishing connection. I do not have handy a feature matrix of graphical-UI FTP clients that includes "per-site scripted initialization" as a column, so I don't know how widely implemented the feature is. The arbitrary nature of an initialization macro makes it different from per-site preferred starting directory, which is in my experience universal, and was the most widely used kind of .netrc init macro back in the CLI times.

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Re: Using FileZilla with a mainframe under z/OS

#17 Post by boco » 2008-04-26 12:33

The question is if it is an accepted standard of FTP.
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