php change user password

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php change user password

#1 Post by mario.q » 2012-11-27 15:50

After three years since my first draft of the code for a web interface to change the user's password of the FileZilla ftp server. ... =6&t=10972
I rewrote a new version.
You can find it in the attached file.

Some features:
  • -The old and the new password, before it is sent from browser to the server, is encrypted with md5 javascript.
    -Control characters entered for user name and password.
    Default essential character not allowed are: blank space ` ´ ' " \ /
    -Request a control code to prevent automated actions (CAPTCHA).
    -Lock session after predetermined numbers of errors, and return a new session after a predetermined time.
For installing:
  • -Unpack the attached file.
    -Put the folder FZScpass on the server in a folder accessible from the browser.
If something does not work.
  • 1 checks the value of the variable "$filezilla_path", "$filezilla_xml", "$filezilla_exe" at the end of file "FZScpass/inc/cpass_inc_conf.php"
    2 the web user and the computer user are not the same, for update the "FileZilla Server.xml" the web user must have write permission on the xml file.
    3 the service that starts the FileZilla FTP server must be able to interact with the desktop.
  • -The web interface and all the error and warning messages are in Italian, to translate in your language, change the values ​​of the constants string of define(ALERT_*) - define(JS_ALERT_*) - define(HTML_*) messages in the file "FZScpass/inc/cpass_inc_conf.php".
    -First make a copy of the file.
  • -php 5 or greater with full support for the GD extension
    -php.ini with "session.use_cookies = On"
    But these are the default values ​​in php, and the php script checks to see if everything is ok.
The compressed file contains:
$ tree -hs --dirsfirst FZScpass
├── [4.0K] inc
│   ├── [4.0K] fonts
│   │   ├── [ 60K] EmblemaOne-Regular.ttf
│   │   ├── [ 44K] FasterOne-Regular.ttf
│   │   ├── [ 42K] FredokaOne-Regular.ttf
│   │   ├── [ 39K] JollyLodger-Regular.ttf
│   │   ├── [4.9K] OFL.txt
│   │   └── [ 86K] SquareAntiqua-Bold.ttf
│   ├── [2.7K] bgGreen.jpg
│   ├── [4.2K] cpass.css.php
│   ├── [5.8K] cpass_inc_conf.php
│   ├── [6.8K] cpass_inc.php
│   ├── [ 331] index.htm
│   ├── [ 302] index.php
│   └── [ 12K] md5.js
├── [9.4K] cpass.php
├── [ 327] index.htm
├── [ 853] index.php
└── [1.7K] test_cookie.php
2 directories, 17 files
"FZScpass" Allow users of FileZilla FTP server
to change their own password
(123.38 KiB) Downloaded 346 times
Sorry for my bad English.
But the code is international.


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