Use FTP, SSH with public Wifi for Dummy

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Use FTP, SSH with public Wifi for Dummy

#1 Post by mono » 2014-06-16 23:10

Hi, I am an absolute beginner to Filezilla, the command-line, and network anything.
I don't have an adequate workspace with wifi right now, so I've been working on a site mostly at Starbucks and in hotel lobbies. Sometimes, if I change my port number, I can access FTP with public wifi, but with other locations this doesn't work.
I have an FTP server hosted on 1&1, running Wordpress
I use Filezilla to access this server,
I have only one computer and it runs Mac OSX Mavericks,

I've read that options available to me are running a Proxy server, SSH tunneling, and setting up a VPN,
I tried a tutorial for the first and the second option, but in each case I was missing something, and I was unsuccessful connecting to my 1&1 server.

I'm sort of desperate to continue working on this project, but I'd also like to avoid encountering similar issues even closer to my deadline.
Does anyone have a good tutorial for an absolute beginner with a similar setup to mine,
that doesn't skip any steps?
Or know any quick fixes for the problem?
Thank you for any help.

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