Help with understanding Fileserver log please <withdrawn>

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500 Command not understood
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Help with understanding Fileserver log please <withdrawn>

#1 Post by zinman » 2014-07-07 21:25

<<< WITHDRAWN - I have found the list of FTP commands and can now interpret the log >>>>>>>>

I am running the current version of Fileserver on Windows 8.1.
From another PC on the same lan subnet I can access and FTP to the server without any problem.
So I assume the setup is all OK.

Now I also have an IP CCTV camera on the same subnet.
It claims to record its output via FTP to any FTP server.
It is setup to send a video file every 5 minutes to the FileZilla server.

When I activate the FileZilla server I get the attached log. I can make no sense of the log.

Can anyone offer any suggestions as to what the log is telling me?

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