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%AppData% and interface.xml

Posted: 2014-09-20 03:01
by f4natix

i just noticed about the change on interface.xml and have to say, I'm really unhappy with that one. At least the way it is right now.
My problem is, that the programm creates a new .xml in %AppData% on its shutdown which will be used from now on, instead of just leaving this alone if the .xml is found in $INSTDIR. And it doesn't even write its full config to %AppData%, just a single line. "<Item name="User Sorting" type="numeric">0</Item>"
So if you updated, you have to open preferences to click ok at first. In other case you have to reconfigure your Interface or to start some copy action.

Config in %AppData% only, is a kind of nogo for me. So I'm back to v0.9.46 for the first.
I think if $INSTDIR\*.xml exists, the Programm should just leave everything alone.
Thanks for reading and for the, up to now, great programm. :)


Re: %AppData% and interface.xml

Posted: 2014-09-20 22:07
by sk9heaven
I fully support, because use the program in a "portable" mode. A new version break this. Compromise - don't use appdata, if the file already exists in the destdir. For example, the work so uTorrent, ProcessHacker etc.