Delete files older than X days - What Tools Exist

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Delete files older than X days - What Tools Exist

#1 Post by bdunbar » 2014-11-04 16:58

Or: my boss told me to install an FTP server and I want to do it right.

It's public-facing so I've enabled autoban. Turned on the security bits so if users want to use the Secure in SecureFTP they can. Anything else I can do to secure this little guy?

- I need to delete files older than X days. Easy enough using psh, or even a batch file. Unless FileZilla has a plugin for this, which would be nifty.

- What other plugins, or add-ons, are available? I've found FTPSTats and File Analyzer ... ter/README and I'll look at those. What else is available to make my life easier?

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