File Server Log Format

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File Server Log Format

#1 Post by jzielke » 2017-08-18 15:31

Is there any way to change the server logging file line format? What I am trying to do is send the log files to AWS CloudWatch and the line format is not something that works.

Current Line Example

(000001) 8/17/2017 23:00:24 AM - (not logged in) (X.X.X.X)> SSL connection established

Proposed Line Change

8/17/2017 23:00:24 - (000001) - (not logged in) (X.X.X.X)> SSL connection established

The Date/Time needs to be the first thing on the line. I have tried regex to get the line, but it does not seem work.

Also adding the Date/Time to the Server Start and stop messages or other message where it is missing that I haven't seen.

Server offline.
Creating listen socket on port 21...
Server online


8/17/2017 23:00:24 - Server offline.
8/17/2017 23:00:24 - Creating listen socket on port 21...
8/17/2017 23:00:24 - Server online

The line is also military time, but still prints the AM/PM

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