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File Sharing in Filezilla Server

Posted: 2018-02-28 18:13
by wdonahue
Good Afternoon,

I am having difficulties troubleshooting and setting up a share file for a customer. My current setup is filezilla server on a windows 7 server in our company. We backup all our customer client machines daily using SQLbackupandftp for the client side. We have one of our corporate customers that This is for a different process in which we’ll put files on the server for them to connect and ‘get’ for import into their ERP platform. The issue is that they get the 550 directory not found

1. these customers are not in our network, they are external. so when i create the log on in control panel - administrative tools - services - filezilla ftp server. i used our domain administrator and that name worked but certainly the customer does not have our domain name.

my question is - so do i need to add them in our active directory and then change the log on in service and add them to the sharing on the network file created?

2. they access the file via command prompt ftp connection.

Re: File Sharing in Filezilla Server

Posted: 2018-02-28 18:34
by wdonahue
I was now able to access the directory but i get a 425 error Can't open the data connection fro transfer.

Re: File Sharing in Filezilla Server

Posted: 2018-02-28 19:36
by boco
FileZilla Server is a standalone product. It does not support Windows Authentication nor Active directory. Thus, it also doesn't care what your Windows domain is.
Two things do effect the access rights:
1. The user the FileZilla Server service runs under must have access to the local resources. Usually the default SYSTEM has, thus it needs to be changed only if using SMB resources (which is a bad idea by itself).
2. The access privileges for the FTP user account within FZ Server must be granted. These aren't Windows accounts but are independent.

Then, the FTP server and your network (router, firewalls) need to be configured correctly. Please read and follow Network Configuration.

Additionally, if they use the default Windows FTP commandline client while being behind NAT, they will probably not succeed. It doesn't support the firewall-friendly Passive mode at all, and it cannot be configured for Active mode, either. That makes it effectively useless for NAT usage.
Their commandline solution should absolutely support Passive mode and FTP over TLS.

Re: File Sharing in Filezilla Server

Posted: 2020-03-03 04:44
by freepies
As far as I remember, the server doesn't care about anything. It doesn't care about your Windows domain as well. You can certainly try to grant access privileges for FTP user account within the server.

Re: File Sharing in Filezilla Server

Posted: 2020-03-03 09:21
by boco
You like to necro old topics? [Closing] this.